Quality products designed specifically to your requirements

The basic concept behind all electronic control systems is pretty straightforward: to harness the advanced technology, flexibility and cost effectiveness of modern electronic components to drive forward the process of delivering increasingly sophisticated, yet reliable and user-friendly electronic products.

The concept behind XcelDesign is equally straightforward: to draw on the technical expertise and experience gained from more than a decade of designing and manufacturing a wide range of electronic control systems, to offer a fast and flexible ‘design and build’ service, which combines innovative design with both SMT and conventional manufacturing.

Xcel’s in-house team can produce designs for everything from simple domestic consumer products to high functionality real time microprocessor-based systems for use in electrically and mechanically harsh environments.

As well as tackling initial designs, the team can also work on design enhancements and re-designs to achieve cost reductions. They are also able to develop the necessary high level/assembler software for all microprocessor systems.

With experience of all stages of design and product development, Xcel designers are familiar with the requirements of British, European and US standards including BEAB and EN/CE specifications. The team is also able to work within short design timescales where necessary having in-house tools to aid rapid prototyping and hardware/software development.